Black Lodge tapestry crochet pattern


Today I have a crochet pattern inspired by “Twin Peaks” series for you. You can use it to make a number of rectangular things. I designed it specifically to make a new cover for my ebook reader.


For this project, I used 2 mm crochet hook and a very small quantity of sock yarn in white, black and red. It was crocheted in the round over 70 stitches, then the bottom was closed. The finished dimensions are 12 (W) x 18,5 (L) cm.

The pattern requires using a technique called tapestry crochet and can be worked in the round or flat (with the use of so-called “crab stitch”, which is basically crocheting backwards). If you’re new to tapestry crochet, you should know it’s just single crochet carrying on multiple strands of yarn and alternating between colours according to the pattern (search YouTube for tutorials).

I usually prefer knitting to crocheting, but I find tapestry crochet an easier alternative to colorwork knitting. Apart from being easier, it’s also more tidy, as there are literally no loose ends to weave in on the wrong side.

Basically the chevron pattern consist of 10 stitches and 6 rows of crochet. The arrow marks the beginning of the first row.

black lodge chevron

And this is how it looks repeated four times horizontally and vertically (40 sts and 24 rows).


After you’re done with zig-zagging just switch to red yarn and make the plain upper part.

You’re welcome to share your projects using this pattern on Ravelry.

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