A new pattern for the new year

So this is the first project I finished this year. It’s a scarf which I made for a friend and which I came up with totally spontaneously. It was an extremely quick knit – I literally finished it in just one day (a knitting frenzy you could say). Though I never expected it would turn out so awesome, I can now honestly admit this is probably the prettiest thing I’ve ever knitted and I’m very proud of the work :) The pattern is the most basic diagonal rib but the choice of yarn weight and colour made it just outstanding in my eyes. What’s more, this is also the most manly scarf ever made because I was listening to “Hokuto No Ken” OST while knitting :) Hope you’ll enjoy the pattern as much as I do. Happy knitting!

Download the pdf version of Detective’s Scarf (most manly ever) or a printer friendly version of the pattern without photos.

P.S.: Right now I’m working on the second model of Detective’s Scarf with alternating right- and left-leaning diagonal ribs. The pattern will be available soon :)

One response to “A new pattern for the new year

  1. Wow, love it. This would be a great scarf to use up bits of handspun in a variety of colors. Thanks so much for a lovely free pattern!

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