Entrelac step-by-step photo tutorial for beginners

Entrelac isn’t as difficult as it’s described on the Net – it just sounds difficult, but to learn entrelac in fact you have to know just a bunch of useful techniques that you probably use while working on different, “non-entrelac” projects.

These techniques are as follows:

  • Knit stitches,
  • Purl stitches,
  • Knit two together (k2tog),
  • Purl two together (p2tog),
  • Slip slip knit (ssk),
  • Make one stitch (m1),
  • Pick up stitches along the edge.

In order to learn more about entrelac (and to learn how to knit it) download my Entrelac step-by-step photo tutorial for beginners. Tutorial is divided into for parts. Each of them describes different section of entrelac work and is provided with suitable photos showing progress step-by-step.




P.S.: Sorry for my handwriting ;)

15 responses to “Entrelac step-by-step photo tutorial for beginners

  1. Thank you for this tutorial! I’m really beginner at knitting, it will help me a lot. But I’ve got to translate it in french before use it because I’m not used to english knitting vocabulary… However, thank you very much!

  2. wicked got it down to a teeeeeee, could please do the entrelac crochet the same pleeease please……..

  3. Hi,
    I have just learned about entrelac stitching and love it . I learned it from another way of doing it and now the third way, I am trying your way and. Love the pattern, here is what I made .

  4. loved your highlighted pictures – they made the directions so visual – my new year’s resolution is to learn (and gain some proficiency) a new stitch a month.

  5. what am I missing here? all I’m getting is this first page introduction and the preview page. I’m not finding the directions at all.

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