Easy Cabled Purse – free knitting pattern

Finally I decided to learn to knit in the round with DPN’s. But as I don’t like simply making swatches, I started something what seemed not very involving – yet still interesting. And soon I was making the bottom of a purse. Then, about the time I was going to start the sides, I recalled one nice cable I’ve seen not so long ago. And that’s how this pattern was created.

The purse is a rather easy piece. In fact, this is not only the first thing I knit in the round, but also my first cabled work, so it can’t be difficult. The purse could be a nice gift or a decorative accessory.

The original cable pattern can be seen here, but I adjusted it to knitting in the round.

And here is my pattern: cabled purse pattern. Enjoy!

And a printer friendly version as well (without photos).

What’s more, I discovered the most important advantage of knitting in th round: you don’t have to sew anything, hooray!!! (I hate sewing)

3 responses to “Easy Cabled Purse – free knitting pattern

    • Thank you so much,I am hunting all Bags to do for Holidays and Gift Giving Bags….I really like this Drawstring one, hope to find more on your site……I had searched for weeks and now I have the right one…some times you can not purchase what you need at any price..Annie

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