Entry 1 – a new pattern for the start

Today I was still impressed by the animated movie “Spirited Away”. Great, great anime. As a result, I invented a new knitting pattern and came up with a little Susuwatari:

As it’s an easy pattern, I’ve already transcribed it: Susuwatari pattern . Enjoy!

There is also a printer friendly version of the pattern available now (without photos).

As for the anime, it sucks you up right from the start. No longish introductions, you just watch the first 5 minutes and think “It will be something hard to forget”. The mysterious tunnel which suddenly appears in front of Chihiro’s father’s car reminds me of my own childhood dreams and frights that somewhere near is the entrance to a different reality (and there are monters creeping in the darkness under my bed).

Not without any justification has “Spirited Away” been defined as something similar to “Alice In Wonderland” – the movie indeed resembles it in some aspects. But simultaneously the land of gods portrayed in the anime remains much more organic and raw. And creepy as can be.

Nonetheless, it’s awesome!

11 responses to “Entry 1 – a new pattern for the start

  1. These are too freaking cute! Spirited Away is one of my favorite movies, and big kudos to you for coming up with this pattern!! Next we need to make the Kodamas from Princess Mononoke…

  2. I can’t seem to find the pattern here. Id be grateful to get it! It’s such a perfect little replica!!

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